The Soul of A Poet: Explosions of the Heart & Mind

Volume II is just as powerful if not more so. And this time around, it was his fans who wanted more!

Available October 2023!

The Soul of A Poet (Vol II)


Poetry In Motion

A mysterious poem ending in rhyme,
words fall into a wonderous chamber of time.
Beyond the poet’s imaginary mind,
Inspirational words are never hard to find.
Challenges of life and family grow upon his face,
poetry takes him to a quiet place.
Phrases come together guided by world events, holidays, and prayer,
thoughts of injustices flourish from everywhere.
Cheers to the quiet stones, souls and days of old,
a poem waits its turn to be told.
Passion and romance awakens a sleepy flame,
words revitalize a heart reflecting the same.
Virtue of love and dedications quietly sneak into the dark,
as poetry bursts as explosions within the poet’s hearts. 

Love Begins

Beautifully decorated church renders the perfect view,
for souls to exchange vows and say, “I do.”
Like foot prints left upon the water shores,
prayer is given for love to be forevermore.
A meaningful love ballad will softly play,
as the love birds begin their wedding day.
At the altar the groom quietly stands,
eagerly waiting to grab his bride’s hands.
Destiny of happiness awaits the two,
as trust is built to carry the marriage through.
Before the eyes of God, family and friends,
your marriage is blessed from the beginning to its end.

(Dedicated to: Zach & Christina Mulanix)
Written: January 9, 2023

He Made It Home

The heavens opened up with a burst,
there was nothing else to rehearse.
There’s no need for any tears,
just remember the happiest years.
Clearly he's now in a better tomorrow.
He doesn’t want you to linger in sorrow.
In this world Brian took one last look,
as closure began on the final chapter of his book.
Upon heaven’s amazing shores he stand,
patiently waiting to hold Jesus hand.
Being taught about Christ at an early age,
Brian now stands before Heaven’s center stage.
Remove the pain and grief from your face,
Brian is in a much better place.
So you see, there’s no reason to feel sad,
you gave “Brian“ the best love a mother had.

(In Memory Of: Brian Robert Fitzgerald) 
Written: January 30, 2023

Loving Sisters

Little sisters that use to argue and fight,
today are strong with a bond so tight.
Although they live a distance apart,
love for each other lives in their heart.
Finding time to have sister dates,
they call “A Sister’s Break.”
Rekindling good old childhood days,
smiling and laughing about how they use to play.
Talking about those Friday and Saturday night pillow fights,
that helped them sleep peacefully at night.
Not forgetting the secrets commonly shared,
telling no one because they had to swear.
Rewinding conversations shared in the park,
they remember the juicy talks they had after dark.
Though their lives went in separate directions,
still, they maintained love and affection.
Sisters who continue to hold the glue,
that show sibling’s love is faithful and true.
Though none became North Carolina’s Pageant Queen,
having their own unique style keeps them doing their thing.
Every night before they fall asleep,
they pray their love remain strong and deep.
One last thing is they would be remiss,
if not sharing the words, “I love you, Sis.” 

“Dedicated to: Robin Anderson, Loretta Haney, Janet Woodie, Tina Hendley, and Lisa Anderson, Wilkesboro, North Carolina”
Written: December 11, 2018