The Soul of A Poet

A Collection of Poems For Your Heart, Soul, and Mind.

“The mountains God gave me the strength to climb, from an early age, are what have made this book a reality.”
Ronald M. Smith

Words flow into his soul from start to finish,
penning poem after poem before his mind's diminish.
Without any reluctance words become free,
so all can explore the fascination of poetry.
People may think Poetry is a little old fashion,
however, his delivers laughter, love, and passion.
So, if you are truly looking to relax your mind,
grab hold of "The Soul of a Poet: EXPLOSIONS of the Heart & Mind”
and a nice bottle of wine.

-Ronald M. Smith

Summerville, South Carolina

Ronald M. Smith

Coming October 2023

Ronald M. Smith's, Sophomore title, The Soul of A Poet: Explosions of the Heart & Mind is scheduled for release Summer 2023. The author’s goal is two-fold; he wants to share his life with the reader and stress the importance of making sound choices.

Ronald M. Smith’s life began in a tragic and violent manner. His mother was violently raped and subsequently found herself pregnant as a result. Her choice to keep her child, even under such horrific circumstances, demonstrated courage and strength. The author’s mother died when he was two, and he never got the opportunity to know her personally.

“In my mind,” the author writes, “God spoke to her and said, “Ella keep your darling son, and through him, your victory will be won.”

This is Mr. Smith’s way; he masterfully utilizes his gift for rhyme to soothe the soul, thereby offering the reader a glimpse into his own.

Volume I
Volume II

From Pain to Poetic Prose ...

I have often been asked, how can you just put words together like that? Well, several things come to mind. First, I experienced valleys in my life at a very early age. These life experiences provided some of the subject matter I have used when putting pen to paper.

Poetry was an avenue for me to express my feelings. I’m writing about journeys I walked. I believe everyone has gone through or will go through negative as well as positive experiences in life. If you feel you haven’t, just keep living. My poetry tells stories about a journey that has challenged me from my childhood.

My greatest achievement is when I can create a poem to help someone else get through their trials or tribulations. The ‘Eyes Shut Tight’ section of this book reflects the journeys of others when they needed some words written to ease their pain, put a smile on their face or a laugh back into their life. The Soul of a Poet has an inspiring message for all its readers.

The Soul of A Poet (Vol II)

Explosions of The Heart & Mind

Available Summer 2023

The Soul of A Poet (Vol I)

He'll Blow Your Mind with His Poetry Lines

Now Available!

Inspired By Life

"Anyone who knows me knows that poetry is a treasured and intricate part of my life. For me, it is as natural as breathing. God pours into me like a freshwater spring – charging me to present poems of substance and meaning.

Poetry gives me the opportunity to open up and create words that flow in a smooth, rhythmic connection.

I am blessed to share messages and experiences that have been planted deep and are boiling over in my soul, waiting to EXPLODE onto the pages of this book.

Thank you for allowing me to offer inspiration and strength for your relationships and bring truth to light."

-Ronald M. Smith

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